What is RandomUser?

RandomUser is an API that provides you with a randomly generated user. These users can be used as placeholders in web mockups, and will save you time from creating your own placeholder information.

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How to use

You can use AJAX or another method to ask RandomUser for a randomly generated user. If you are using JQuery, you can paste this code in your body to get started.

  url: 'http://api.randomuser.me/',
  dataType: 'json',
  success: function(data){

This will return data from the latest version of our API, which is currently v0.3.2. Using this could cause problems for your application when we make API updates, so we suggest you specify a specific version number.

url: 'http://api.randomuser.me/0.3.2/'


The application will provide you with a JSON object that you can parse and apply to your application.

  results: [{
    user: {
      gender: "male",
      name: {
        title: "mr",
        first: "patrick",
        last: "coleman"
      location: {
        street: "4046 hickory creek dr",
        city: "stockton",
        state: "minnesota",
        zip: "10532"
        email: "patrick.coleman45@example.com",
        username: "ticklishostrich48",
        password: "byteme",
        salt: ">XxrK1[A",
        md5: "5d6bf4508070fba41e2d602c847cdbd9",
        sha1: "19e5b0b59e6c86dbf370c431a7edb2aa4f1420a6",
        sha256: "9434e04d307839d9b6411254007072412c11f7e6b5d8fd848e56fe5f0c660a04",
        registered: "1144410814",
        dob: "122791739",
        phone: "(510)-200-1728",
        cell: "(201)-442-6033",
        SSN: "525-20-3862",
        picture: "http://api.randomuser.me/0.3.2/portraits/men/9.jpg"
      seed: "graywolfie"
      version: "0.3.2"

New stuff from version 0.3!

+ Usernames, Salts, SHA-256 hash, Registration date, and DoB have been added

+ md5_hash and sha1_hash have been changed to md5 and sha1 respectively

Genders (v0.2 and above)

RandomUser gives you a couple ways to control the results that the system outputs. You can request a specific gender using the "gender" GET parameter. Removing returns a random value.



In order to speed up your application, RandomUser also allows you to always request the same information each time from the service. This is for both consistancy, and it allows your browser to cache profile photos to speed up your loading time. RandomUser accepts a "seed" parameter that will always return the same results.


(note that the seed will override the gender parameter)

13,162,889 total users generated

since we launched on August 5, 2013