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A free API for generating random user data. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.

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Hi, My name is


How to use

You can use AJAX or another method to ask RandomUser for a randomly generated user. If you are using JQuery, you can paste this code in your body to get started.

  url: 'http://api.randomuser.me/',
  dataType: 'json',
  success: function(data){


The application will provide you with a JSON, SQL, CSV, or YAML object that you can parse and apply to your application.

You can specify the format you want the results in using the format parameter.

  results: [{
    user: {
      gender: "female",
      name: {
        title: "ms",
        first: "lois",
        last: "williams"
      location: {
        street: "1969 elgin st",
        city: "frederick",
        state: "delaware",
        zip: "56298"
      email: "lois.williams50@example.com",
      username: "heavybutterfly920",
      password: "enterprise",
      salt: ">egEn6YsO",
      md5: "2dd1894ea9d19bf5479992da95713a3a",
      sha1: "ba230bc400723f470b68e9609ab7d0e6cf123b59",
      sha256: "f4f52bf8c5ad7fc759d1d4156b25a4c7b3d1e2eec6c92d80e508aa0b7946d4ba",
      registered: "1288182167",
      dob: "146582153",
      phone: "(555)-942-1322",
      cell: "(178)-341-1520",
      SSN: "137-37-8866",
      picture: {
        large: "http://api.randomuser.me/portraits/women/55.jpg",
        medium: "http://api.randomuser.me/portraits/med/women/55.jpg",
        thumbnail: "http://api.randomuser.me/portraits/thumb/women/55.jpg",
      version: "0.4.1"
    seed: "graywolf"

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